Rather than wait until its launch event to reveal everything, LG is exposing information about the G7 ThinQ early. It’s a strategy we’ve seen in the past where, in addition to confirming a product’s name, the company shares some specifications as teasers. While the public gets much-wanted details, there’s still just enough hidden for LG to keep people interested in checking out the big announcement.

LG announced this week what the display on its 2018 flagship will be like. Along with sharing its size, the company also gave a rundown on the technology going into the G7 ThinQ’s panel. The display will be big, and it’ll definitely be bright.

The official measurement for the display is 6.1 inches, putting the G7 ThinQ close to competitors like the Samsung Galaxy S9+ and Google Pixel 2 XL. LG’s larger size but smaller footprint is made possible by the 19.5:9 aspect ratio and edge-to-edge design. It’s actually slightly taller than the display used on last year’s G6.

LG went into the technicalities, too. The display is “rated at a maximum of 1,000 nits, making it the brightest and most vibrant display on the smartphone market today.” Also, its technology covers 100% of the DCI-P3 color space. When the G7 ThinQ is released, we’re interested in seeing just how good the display is. Too often, LCD panels come across as cold and boring.

It’s clear that OLED technology makes the company nervous. LG has invested a significant amount of money in panels to use on mobile devices, so it’s odd to see the G7 ThinQ ship with an LCD panel. The V30 and Pixel 2 XL were both slammed for having subpar displays, and LG is reportedly struggling to supply Apple with custom OLED panels.

For the G7 ThinQ, LG is playing it safe by sticking with LCD technology.

Two screenshots were included in the press release, and they remind us that LG will use a notch at the top of the G7 ThinQ’s display. Fortunately, though, you can hide it by making the left and right sides of the notch black. That could prevent onlookers from thinking your G7 ThinQ is a straight-up iPhone X copycat.

LG is exactly one week away from announcing its next flagship. There’s a lot riding on this release considering the mobile division is struggling. The G7 ThinQ stands a chance, though, because LG gives its high-end phones global pushes and consumers still recognize the brand.