snapdragon 820

LG's upcoming G6 flagship will miss out on Qualcomm's next-generation Snapdragon 835 chip because of Samsung, according to a new report. It's thought Samsung has placed so many orders for the new processor that there simply aren't enough to go around.

Ben Sin, a consumer tech writer for Forbes, recently wrote a piece in which he criticized HTC for launching the new U Ultra with a Snapdragon 821 processor — not the Snapdragon 835 — in 2017. However, after doing some digging, he found there's a good reason for that.

"I've spoken to some industry insiders in Asia today and I must apologize to HTC, because it would appear that the 835 is out of their reach until after April, so they couldn't have used the 835 without drastically delaying the phone," Sin writes.

"In fact, that's the case with almost all phones, including LG's flagship. Yup, I have confirmed with an industry insider that the LG G6 will run on Snapdragon 821 instead of the 835 that everyone's expecting."

It's not because the Snapdragon 835 chip won't be ready in time. Instead, Samsung has first dibs on it because it is such a big customer for Qualcomm, and the South Korean company has ordered so many for the Galaxy S8 that there aren't enough for other vendors.

We may see other Snapdragon 835 devices soon, but they won't be from big companies like LG, HTC, and Sony because only small quantities of the chip will be available until after the Galaxy S8 makes its official debut in the coming months.

This wouldn't be the first time LG has launched a new flagship with a slightly older chip, though. The G4 it launched in 2015 was powered by a Snapdragon 808 instead of the faster and more efficient Snapdragon 810 — but that was apparently due to concerns with overheating.

It's unlikely too many LG fans will be put off by this, either; the Snapdragon 821 chip is still plenty fast enough in 2017.