LG is less than one week away from unveiling the G6, but the South Korean firm couldn’t help but spill some juicy details early. We now know the handset will offer dual 13-megapixel rear-facing cameras with 125-degree wide-angle lenses that will allow for some stunning panorama shots.

Last year’s G5 shipped with dual rear-facing cameras — also with 13-megapixel resolutions — and LG is planning to maintain that setup this year. It makes sense, especially when you consider that LG is one of just a few Android phone makers competing with the iPhone 7 Plus’s dual camera design.

In a press release published on its Korean website, LG explains that the G6’s 125-degree field of view is similar to that of the human eye. It allows users to capture 360-degree panoramas as if they were using a virtual reality camera, and there’s a new 18:9 shooting mode that takes full advantage of the G6’s unique aspect ratio.

LG has also added the ability to shoot square, 1:1 ratio images, which are instantly suitable for sites like Instagram; a new “food mode” for snapping pictures of your dinner (yes, that’s still a thing, and the ability to quickly create GIFs. The SELFI mode has also been improved with skin tone adjustment and lighting effects.

“The LG G6 is equipped with a smartphone camera that goes from hardware to user experience,” said Cho Jun-ho, president of LG’s MC business. “We will continue to take advantage of LG’s premium smartphone’s distinctive strengths. We will continue to develop.”

LG will make the G6 official at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on February 26. We’ll have all the coverage right here on TechnoBuffalo.