LG hasn't made a water-resistant smartphone in its "G" family of Android devices yet, but that may change with this year's LG G6. The company recently created a teaser video asking fans what they expect from the ideal smartphone and, at the end, seemed to tease that it's well aware water-resistance is up on that list. The image above seems to encompass the features that LG will build into the G6 later this year.

LG hasn't said much about the G6 just yet, but we're expecting a powerhouse. A recent rumor pointed to a large 5.7-inch Quad HD display with a unique 18:9 aspect ratio. Given that LG will compete directly with the Galaxy S8, we're expecting the company to outfit the phone with the latest offerings from Qualcomm, too, which means a Snapdragon 835 should be under the hood.

G6 in February

My guess is that we'll see the G6 during Mobile World Congress in late February, where LG typically unveils its new devices. The LG G5 was a solid phone but was overshadowed by the competition last year. Its modularity functions, meant to be unique, also didn't actually help the device stand out as much as LG had hoped. Perhaps sticking to features that users really want will help LG perform better with the G6.