The news is courtesy of Venture Beat’s Evan Blass, who said the phone will launch in South Korea on March 9. That’s bad news not only for LG fans, but also for LG. Samsung’s Galaxy S8 is expected to make its debut on April 21, according to Blass. That means LG has a much slimmer window to woo fans in the weeks before the Galaxy S8 launches.

I actually wrote an editorial about LG’s positioning recently and said the LG G6 will be dead on arrival if LG doesn’t get it to the market soon. The company frequently announces phones and then launches them many months later, after the hype around them has died down. A great example of this is the LG V20, which wasn’t even available as a replacement for the ill-fated Galaxy Note 7.

Worse, LG is reportedly going to launch the phone with a Snapdragon 821 chip, older than the Snapdragon 835 processor bound for the Galaxy S8. Timing seems to have been the only thing on LG’s side here… perhaps LG will wake up and get the phone to market much sooner.