It may be Galaxy S8 day for Samsung fans, but if you’re on LG’s side, there’s some exciting news for you, too. AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint have now begun shipping pre-orders for the new G6 ahead of its debut on April 7, which means some units will be arriving a over week early.

U.S. carriers started taking pre-orders for the G6 — which is priced at $650 if you buy unlocked — last Wednesday, March 22. They promised handsets would be delivered on April 7, the day the G6 is scheduled to make its official debut, but according to Android Central, three of the top four carriers are jumping the gun.

T-Mobile was first to start shipping pre-orders, shortly followed by AT&T and Sprint. Some customers have received notices that confirm their new handset will be delivered as early as today, March 29 — a full nine days before the G6 is supposed to go on sale in the U.S.

We certainly don’t think this was orchestrated so that the first G6 units land the day the Galaxy S8 makes its debut. In fact, it’s likely LG told carriers not to deliver handsets before April 7, but they don’t always take too much notice of official launch dates unless they’re set by companies like Apple and Samsung.

If you’re receiving your G6 today, let us know down in the comments.