Due to the document’s sensitive nature, we will not publish it online.

The device in question looks to feature a 5.4-inch display and a screen-to-body ratio just under 80 percent. The display will retain the 18:9 aspect ratio first introduced by the G6, according to the document.

For fans of smaller form factors, the arrival of a G6 mini (not the confirmed name) is a welcome one. The G6 certainly has plenty to offer fans who prefer larger screens. But offering a single form factor is limiting for consumers.

Introducing a second G6 will provide LG with more ammo to take on its biggest rivals—Apple and Samsung—both of which offer its flagship phones in different sizes.

It’s unclear if the G6 mini will carry over the specs of its larger sibling, or feature hardware that’s more mid-range. In the past, we’ve seen companies release mini versions of its devices with watered down specs.

In order to maximize interest in and exposure of the G6, it’s very possible the G6 mini will offer a neutered experience. LG may choose to market the device to emerging markets, rather than here in the U.S. where it will instead focus on pushing the G6.

Unfortunately, the document we saw lacks concrete details, such as pricing. One thing that has us question the G6 mini’s existence at all is a reference in the document to a date from early last year, which may suggest the handset was in LG’s plans and later scrapped.

In LG’s pursuit to compete against Samsung’s Galaxy S8, it would make sense for the company to introduce an additional device that features the G6’s slick design. Not only would it be a more affordable entry into LG’s portfolio, but the handset’s smaller form factor may appeal to a wider audience.

The G6 isn’t particularly big despite its 5.7-inch display. But there are no doubt enough people out there who prefer smaller displays. The G6 mini, if it exists, could fit that niche.