According to the The Verge, LG is extending the G6’s warranty from one year up to two. The company is calling the extended warranty program “Second Year Promise.”

Most companies, including Apple, only offer a one year warranty for its devices. The bump up to two years is very comforting because a lot can happen in two years of owning a phone, specifically the wear and tear of internal components. Usually the first thing to go is the battery as it degrades over time. This will now be covered for two years for all existing G6 users.

“We’ve always covered with a one-year warranty,” stated Chang Ma, president of LG MobileComm USA in an interview with The Verge. “But [customers] are now using their phones for 24 months, so what about the 13 to 24 months? That’s how we developed this program.”

It is important to note that the two year warranty is only a warranty, not complete coverage. You still won’t be covered for accidental damage. The warranty will only cover defects of the device, such as if buttons go haywire or the screen messes up.

To take advantage of the longer warranty, G6 users will have to register their device within in 90 days of purchase. LG customers who purchased the G6 when it was first released won’t be left out in the cold. They’ll be good as long as they sign up within one year of purchasing the device. If customer’s do make a claim, their replacement devices will arrive within two business days.

This might not completely sway potential customers into choosing the G6 over the Samsung Galaxy S8, but its a sweet incentive to know your device is covered for two years.

Updated: The story was updated to include the new timeframe for G6 devices already purchased.