LG will bring facial recognition functionality to its new G6 smartphone in June, according to a new report out of South Korea. The company is expected to use technology developed by local partner Oez, and it could be the first to authenticate mobile payments using your face.

Although LG hasn’t been marketing the G6’s facial recognition capabilities, it seems the device does have the required technology to utilize facial scanning with the help of software from Oez. What’s more, the software could bring the same functionality to older LG devices, including last year’s G5 and V20 smartphones.

“After negotiations and a series of tests, the software will likely be deployed in the G6 as early as June when the tech giant is expected to start its mobile payment system LG Pay,” reports The Investor. And LG could use facial recognition to authenticate LG Pay payments, which is something no other smartphone maker has adopted yet.

Oez’s facial recognition software, OezFR, takes up little space on a smartphone, weighing in at just 3.5-5 megabytes. It also boasts security features that prevent it from being fooled by photographs — something Samsung should consider for the Galaxy S8, which is easily duped.

However, it’s still unclear whether facial recognition should be considered as safe as fingerprint scanning, which has gotten increasingly secure in recent years with the development of more advanced technologies. Facial recognition is certainly becoming more popular — even Apple is expected to adopt it for the iPhone this year — but recent studies have proven it’s easier to hack.