Thanks to new pictures acquired by Droid-Life, we have confirmation the G6 will indeed sport a sleek metal frame, which we saw in an earlier photo.

Clearly, the photos reveal a device that isn’t final. The back plate is missing and there are wires sticking out of it, as if it’s some kind of monster being brought to life. The fingerprint sensor/power button combo is in its familiar place, sitting just below a dual-camera setup.

Elsewhere, the photos show off the phone’s chamfered metal frame, along with a USB-C port. While the pictures don’t show it, the headphone jack is expected to sit on top of the device, so you can hang on to your wired earbuds for a little longer.

February 26 can’t come soon enough

In addition to its 5.7-inch QHD+ display, we’re also expecting the G6 to feature Google Assistant—the first third-party device to do so. The device is also said to come equipped with improved water resistance, a feature that will reportedly come at the cost of a modular design.

The LG G6 will be unveiled at an event on February 26.