It sounds like LG is gearing up to introduce an all-metal design with next year’s G5. According to a report from ETNews, the Korean company is exploring new designs that include more premium materials, something many of its competitors have moved toward in recent years; it’s also something LG has hinted at with its V10, but the G5 will be its most prominent flagship next year.

Prototypes are apparently out there already, and according to a source who got an early look, the design “takes a major step forward.” Previous LG designs were never awful, but compare a device like the G4 to the Galaxy Note 5, and there’s a clear disparity in quality—at least in terms of materials used. If LG simply decides to further riff on the V10 design, then the G5 could wind up being quite the looker.

In addition to an improved design, ETNews also says LG plans on making the device available immediately following the phone’s unveiling. So, in theory, if the device is announced in the middle of January, LG could aim for a release at the end of the same month. However, chances are we won’t actually see anything until Mobile World Congress at the end of February.

The report doesn’t share any further details about the LG G5, though there have been early rumors about some of the device’s more advanced technology. We haven’t heard much about the phone lately, but with the end of the year fast approaching, rumors are bound to start popping up.