The LG G5 is rumored to make its debut in just under a month at Mobile World Congress. There’s a lot we still don’t know about the device, but a flurry of new leaks and rumors may offer our best look yet at the flagship phone while clearing up a few details, too.

Over the weekend, Droid-Life got its hands on a handful of leaked photos, which appear to show the LG G5 in a bulky case meant to hide its design. However, the images still reveal a pair of, according to leaked specs, 16-megapixel and 8-megapixel cameras on the back. There’s also a flash module and what looks like a fingerprint sensor below. You can also see cutouts on both sides of the device for the volume rocker and SIM card slot, again suggesting LG is moving away from its unique design where the power button and volume controls existed on the back of the phone.

ETNews chimed in with a separate report confirming the LG G5 will sport dual rear cameras. The upgraded shooter could apparently offer wide-angle photos, 3D photos and even double as an eye-scanning sensor, though it seems bizarre to include the latter on the back of the phone.

Third-party case-makers are already offering new accessories based on these LG G5 leaks as well. The consensus seems to be that the new phone will sport two cameras and a fingerprint reader in back, while bringing the volume controls back to the side. That doesn’t necessarily mean the rumors are true, but with the G5 expected to make its official debut next month, we wouldn’t be surprised to see something very similar to the images above appear onstage at Mobile World Congress.