The LG G5 is set to be a big change for the company, with one report claiming it’s “nothing like” last year’s G4. One of the most striking differences may end up being the new phone’s rear camera array, and now we’re getting a close look at the new setup.

The latest images come from Amazon, where third-party case makers are posting their G5 accessories a bit early. The cases, which are presumably based on official schematics shared by LG, show two rear cameras, with the right one looking significantly bigger. In the middle, we see the phone’s dual LED flash, along with what we’re guessing is its rumored auto-focus laser just below.

We’re still not sure exactly what LG’s new cameras will be capable of. It’s possible the G5 could use this setup to offer ultra high-resolution photos, wide-angle pictures or let you edit the focus after you’ve already taken a shot. We’ve already seen a few other phones sport a similar design, including the HTC One M8, but the technology’s never really blown us away in the past.

Looking around the rest of the LG G5, you can also see the fingerprint reader in back, sitting below the new camera array. There’s a volume rocker along the side and a charging port on the bottom (likely with USB-C support). It looks like the headphone jack and speakers may also sit on the bottom edge of the device.

LG has already confirmed plans to reveal the G5 later this month at Mobile World Congress, so it won’t be long before we get our hands on the device to try out that camera for ourselves.