LG is expected to try something different with the upcoming G5, though what exactly the company has planned is still a mystery. A new report adds a bit more credibility to the rumors ahead of the LG G5’s big debut next month.

Citing multiple inside sources, The Verge says it can confirm that the LG G5 will feature a new accessory slot located at the bottom of the device. Based on previous reports we’re expecting the phone to sport a “Magic Slot” for attaching extra components like a physical keyboard or special cameras. The slot could double as the cover for a rumored removable battery.

The Verge also notes that the LG G5 will be totally redesigned, marking the first big visual change for the G series since the company announced the G2 back in 2013. One source added the device will be “nothing like” its recent predecessors.

We’re also expecting the LG to move its volume controls from the back of the device to the side for the G5. Flagship specs, including a Quad HD display, Snapdragon 820 processor and an upgraded camera, seem likely too, though we won’t know for sure until the device makes its official debut next month.