LG still hasn’t unveiled the G5, but this week it’s showing off a new case designed just for the upcoming flagship phone. The new Quick Cover accessory also reveals a few more details about the device it’s meant to protect.

The LG G5 Quick Cover case includes a cutout for the phone’s “Always on Display.” The company notes that the new feature will make it possible to check the time, date and new notifications when the case is closed and the device is sleeping. The new accessory also features a “glossy metallic finish,” presumably designed to match LG’s rumored metal design for the G5.

The case also boasts some pretty cool features of its own. LG opted for a semitransparent mesh material, making it possible to use the device while the Quick Cover is closed. That means you can answer calls or hit snooze on your alarm without opening the cover, sort of like the Dot View cases for HTC’s smartphones.

The LG G5 is expected to pack a pair of rear-facing cameras and a fingerprint sensor in back, which you can see in some earlier leaked cases that we also included in the gallery above. It may also offer a 5.6-inch Quad HD display, USB-C, a removable battery and a “magic slot” for attaching various accessories.

LG is set to unveil the G5 on February 21 at Mobile World Congress. We’ll be covering the entire show live from Barcelona, though by then the company may have already revealed most of the new phone’s important details.