The LG G5 is expected to feature a brand new design, and it looks like the phone could offer some exciting new software as well. A report from Android Authority claims the device will introduce an “Always ON” display.

The new feature could be similar to Glance View on previous LG phones, but won’t require any gestures at all. Instead, the phone’s main LCD display may actually be on all the time, similar to the small ticker display included with the LG V10. It’s unclear what that means for battery life, though it’s definitely a concern.

Based on the leaked images above, it looks like the information offered by LG’s Always ON feature could be pretty limited. You’ll probably be able to customize what you see to some extent, though the company will likely put some limits on it as well.

Samsung recently trademarked its own “Always On Display,” suggesting the feature could be headed to the Galaxy S7 as well. The company could combine the software with an AMOLED panel to conserve battery life, potentially giving it an advantage over the LG G5.

This is just a rumor for now, but don’t be surprised if you hear one or both South Korean companies mention an “always on display” when they introduce new flagship phones later this month.