We have an early G5 here in our office and, while we’ve agreed not to review a pre-production unit, we are still able to bring you new impressions and some answers to your questions. Jon recently asked our readers to submit the queries they had for him, and we’ve filmed a video answering each and every one. I’ll address them here in the post, too.

Is it easy to switch modules?


Yes, really easy, but it’s also very clunky on this prototype. You need to pull out the entire bottom of the phone and, as you do so, you’ll notice the battery is still attached. You need to pull the battery off – Jon was worried he might be breaking the unit when he did this – and then attach it to another unit. Again, it’s really clunky and there’s a lot of room for improvement. We hope LG works on this before it’s widely available.

How does the battery stays inside the phone when you replace the modules with the camera accessory or audio?


The battery attaches to each module, as we explained above, so it doesn’t actually stay inside of the phone. You pull the battery out each and every time you swap a module. In the case of the camera module, it actually has its own battery, boosting the total capacity to 4,000mAh.

Is the camera module actually making images better and is it worth buying?


It could theoretically make images better because you can get a better grip on the phone. It also offers a manual shutter button, which might allow you to hold the device more steady before you take a shot. Still, there aren’t any mechanics inside the device that improve your photography – it doesn’t touch the phone’s dual-camera modules at all.

How much better in the hand does it feel than the G4?


It feels better in the hand than the G4. However, despite its metal body, it still feels relatively cheap compared to more premium devices like the Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 Edge. It actually almost feels like plastic, or like a metal-coated plastic. Still, definitely more premium than the G4.

Can you add an app-drawer?


Yes, but not using LG’s native software. LG ditched the app drawer entirely with its skin this time around. You’ll need to install another launcher to bring back the app drawer. In this case, we’ve used the Google Now Launcher to get things looking a little more vanilla. Update: Actually, you can add an app drawer pretty easily by changing a few settings around