The LG G4 is still fresh off the assembly line, but the company may already be working on a new version of the flagship phone. An alleged G4c recently leaked out on Dutch retail site Centralpoint, hinting at a cheaper version of the new device.

It looks like the LG G4c will be available in gold, white and silver for about $330 off-contract. It’s unclear if the company plans to offer a leather-backed version of the phone. As for the hardware, we’re hoping for something pretty similar to the flagship G4, though it’s possible the specs could get watered down a bit.

Most interesting, the G4c will apparently arrive by May 12. That’s just a couple of weeks away, suggesting the device could get a pretty soft launch compared to LG’s new flagship phone. Hopefully it’s still a nice device.

Of course, this is still just a rumor, but we’ll be on the lookout for any more news surrounding the LG G4c. For now, enjoy our hands-on gallery with the flagship G4 below.