The LG G4 is expected during the company’s press conference on April 28. While that’s a couple of weeks away, LG has already leaked a few tidbits leading up to the event, including the new Quad HD display that broke cover last week. Now LG has a teaser video showing off what is very likely the new user interface for the G4.

It’s called UX 4.0 and builds on earlier versions of the software created by LG. The firm highlights UX 1.0 and the introduction of the ability to draw on the screen, KnockOn that was introduced in UX 2.0, and the ability to snap easier selfies in UX 3.0. In UX 4.0, LG highlights its smart bulletin features, which allows you to access frequently used widgets easier, a new camera capture option in the volume down key on the back of the phone, and more.

It’s just a quick 2 minute and 30 seconds clip, but it provides a glimpse into what we’ll see much more of later this month. Ready for the G4?