LG on Thursday afternoon announced that its G4 Android smartphone has received a thumbs-up of approval from the National Security Agency’s (NSA) National Information Assurance Partnership. (NIAP). Forget the weird government acronyms: basically this just means that the G4 meets enough security criteria for “Cryptographic Modules” for use in government security and corporate environments, LG explained.

“With LG G4’s NIAP certifications, we are bringing peace of mind to both corporate IT managers and employees, offering a secure Android option for the workplace,” LG’s vice president and head of marketing communications Chris Yie said, highlighting the G4’s “GATE’ technology that offers advanced security and mobile device management options.

This isn’t the first time LG has received this sort of certification, last year’s LG G3 was approved for use by the Department of Defense, LG said, and the company is currently working to get the G4 that same level of access.

So rest easy knowing the G4 is approved by the NSA for security purposes. Will it keep them out, though? Doubtful.