Last year’s LG G3 may feature a “metallic” plastic design, but a new report claims the company will offer the real thing for at least one smartphone this year. According to ZDNet Korea, LG is racing to produce metal frames for the upcoming G4 and rumored G Note.

The South Korean company apparently hopes to ship the LG G4 with a metal body, but may not be able to make the switch from plastic production in time. Either way, it sounds like the required equipment and new technology should be installed in time for the mysterious G Note. The new phablet could launch with a metal frame to challenge Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Note 5 later this year.

LG previously hinted it was already planning another big phone beyond the G4. Since then we’ve heard a bit more about the alleged G Note, though we’re still not sure what to expect from the device. A metal frame sounds like a smart guess, as does a stylus of some sort. LG previously trademarked the terms G Note and G Pen, so the company has clearly got something big in the works. Hopefully we’ll learn more soon, though we’re not expecting an official launch until late 2015.