LG is giving smartphone shoppers in South Korea a couple of incentives to convince them to adopt its new G4 over rivals from other manufacturers. In addition to a 64GB microSD card, the company is also offering a free one-time screen replacement.

Although the G4 doesn’t get its official unveiling until April 28, LG hasn’t exactly been too concerned about keeping the device a secret. It has already announced its camera and inadvertently released images of the handset, and now the company is even confirming launch promotions.

Like HTC, LG is offering G4 buyers a one-time screen replacement — at no additional cost — if they break theirs within the first year. The South Korean company is also throwing in a free 64GB microSD card that’ll allow users to carry tons of music, movies, photos, and more on their new smartphone.

But there are a couple of caveats.

Firstly, this particular offer is exclusive to South Korea, and it’s currently unclear whether LG will be offering something similar in other markets. In addition, you’ll need to buy the G4 before May 31 to be eligible for the freebies.

The expiry date suggests the G4 will go on sale almost immediately after its April 28 unveiling — in South Korea, at least. But we’ll have to wait for LG’s announcement for a more specific release date and details on pricing.

Are you looking forward to the LG G4?