Yep, we know that the LG G3 and the iPhone 5s are totally different beats. The iPhone 5s runs iOS and has a 4-inch screen while the G3 runs Android KitKat and has a much, much larger 5.5-inch display with a Quad HD resolution — one of the first smartphones with that sort of sharpness. Still, time after time we’re asked “well, how does it stack up against my iPhone?”

We’re glad you asked! We filmed a quick clip that shows you how the iPhone 5s and the LG G3 compare to one another by size. The video and gallery should give you a bit of perspective in just how large the LG G3 but, also, how it’s still rather easy to use with one hand since the display really stretches from one side of the phone to the other. The iPhone 5s has a really outstanding camera, but LG was able to squeeze in a 13-megapixel shooter with OIS+, which is definitely going to give Apple a run for its money.

If you’re an iOS user, think the G3 will make you want to switch to Android? Check out the video and let us know.