A new set of LG G3 screenshots obtained on Tuesday by Digital Trends appear to confirm the leaked homescreen we saw earlier this month and offer a deeper look at the company’s redesigned UI. LG’s upcoming take on Android appears to focus on a simple and flat design while serving up contextual information similar to Google Now.

Based of these leaks, which Digital Trends claim come from a “trusted industry source,” the LG G3 homescreen shouldn’t be too tricky to navigate if you’re used to the G2 or any other standard Android device. The biggest change is two new widgets at the top of the screen that display the time and weather. Under the widgets it looks like a note has popped up suggesting the user grab an umbrella on their way out, suggesting the phone will offer tips based on the weather.

Theres also a new settings menu, which removes much of the clutter from the LG G2 and offers a simplified menu of options. You’ll still have to deal with LG’s suite of QSlide apps, however, and it looks like the company may have removed brightness controls from the menu. Finally, there’s a a new Favorite Contacts panel for quick access to the people you interact with the most.

Overall, the LG’s new software looks like a welcome change from the cluttered UI we’ve come to expect. Contextual updates on the homescreen are also a nice touch, though how well they actually perform is still unclear. The latest rumors point to an announcement as early as June as LG rushes to launch its next flagship phone.