Well. Here’s the LG G3, comprehensively leaked ahead of its May 27 announcement courtesy of LG’s Dutch site. Surprised? You shouldn’t be—this one has been repeatedly outed through various press renders, rumors and early hands-on previews. LG has even teased the device itself, and said in so many words that the G3 was coming out during Q2. Here’s the final nail in the coffin before LG even has a chance to fully present the G3 to the world. I’m telling you: just go up on stage, hold the device up, and fade the lights to black. The work has already been taken care of.

About the only information we don’t have is the exact day the handset is going to be available, and for how much. If it’s competitive with the HTC One (M8) and Galaxy S5, boy will LG have some dog in this fight. The biggest indication that HTC and Samsung are both worried about the G3’s arrival? Rumors claim an M8 Prime and S5 Prime are imminent. As in a couple months away or less. That’s terrible news for early adopters, but better news for the mobile market. More superphone options for everyone!

According to the G3 landing page, the device will indeed sport a 5.5-inch Quad HD display (2560×1440), “advanced” 13-megapixel camera with OIS+ and laser autofocus (2.1-megapixel front), “lightweight metallic design,” wireless charging, removable 3000mAh battery, microSD slot, QuickCircle support, and a 1 watt speaker with boost amp. There’s are also some neat software features, such as the ability to set your own custom knock code, and a kind of personal assistant known as Smart Notice.

The Smart Notice assistant seems notable in that it not only gives you typical reminders, but it actually more useful beyond simple tasks. Under the feature’s description, Smart Notice will apparently ask if you want to delete apps you haven’t used in awhile—and more. That’s a pretty neat inclusion, and gives the illusion that the software has a brain. In addition, the G3 sports a smart keyboard, easy file management (where it sounds like you might be able to delete whatever apps you want, even some stock (hopefully!)) and a fresh new interface. “All unnecessary visual elements have been removed,” the slide explains. “Each function also has its own color, so you have an easy overview.”

The one discrepancy about today’s leak is that the Dutch LG site only mentions a Snapdragon 801 with 2GB of RAM. Earlier leaks suggested the device would sport a Snapdragon 805 processor and 3GB of RAM, so we’ll want to keep a close eye on that when the device is unveiled tomorrow. Either way, from what we can tell without actually using the device, the G3 is shaping into what will no doubt be a major contender. It’ll be difficult to stand against Samsung’s marketing muscle, but LG looks to have built a real winner.

LG will officially unveil the G3 tomorrow, so stay tuned. Phones these days have a tendency to leak out ahead of their scheduled unveiling. But you’d have thought the G3 was already announced by now given how often leaks hit the Web. Still, we’re very much looking forward to getting our hands on this superphone. Below you can see the slides from the Dutch LG site for yourself.