LG unveiled its latest flagship yesterday and boy'o'boy it's one of the nicest looking Android phones out there. The industrial design, which employs metallic materials, paired with its near edge-to-edge display had us leaving the event wanting one immediately.

The Android phone launches globally today, though not in the United States just yet, and we figured we would go over some of the major features that really caught our attention yesterday.

The display is the first thing you'll notice – it's hard to miss that insanely sharp Quad HD screen – but there are other unique features like an adjustable keyboard, new smart notifications, camera enhancements and more that we think a lot of consumers are really going to enjoy.

Plus, so far, you won't find these on any other smartphone currently on the market, which means most of these are really unique to the LG G3.

What were the top five features of the LG G3 in our opinion? Lets find out.

1. Quad HD Display

The LG G3 has the sharpest smartphone 5.5-inch display available on the mass market with a 2560 x 1440-pixel resolution and a 538ppi. You won't find that sharpness on other Android smartphones currently on the market.

We were particularly blown away by videos that we tested on the LG G3 yesterday, and photos also looked stunning. That's because the pixel structure LG used on the screen offers "a near infinite contrast of deep black and bright whites" in addition to more accurate colors. It also doesn't hurt that the G3 has a 76.4 percent screen ratio, meaning that a majority of the front face is consumed by the display.

If you want to be able to view super high-res content, and be the first on your block with a Quad HD display, then this is one of the Android phones you'll want to consider.

2. Smart Keyboard

The Smart Keyboard is awesome for several reasons.

First, I love that you can go into settings and manually tweak the size so that it's either smaller and more compact or larger. Second, it adapts to your habits to learn where you type and how you type so that it can be more accurate. Also, you can complete words by swiping up from the keyboard, or quickly adjust where you want the cursor on the fly.

It seemed really accurate in our tests, but we'll need to use it long term to see if it can beat our current favorite keyboard, SwiftKey, which is available for all Android phones right now for a small cost.

3. 13-Megapixel OIS+ Camera with Laser Autofocus

LG's G2 already offered a stellar camera thanks to the use of optical image stabilization (OIS). The G3 sports OIS+, which made its debut in the G Pro 2 and promises better stabilization and improved shots in low-light conditions.

It also has a unique "Laser Auto Focus" that LG promises will help capture images "literally" faster than the blink of an eye. With a laser involved, you should be able to more accurately focus on exactly what you want to snap a photo of, even if it's an object moving 100 feet away, so that you can get the clearest photos possible. There are plenty of Android phones with great cameras, but this may set the G3 apart.

LG's cameras have impressed in the past, and we can't wait to see the kind of photos the G3 creates.

4. Built-in Wireless Charging

Samsung and a couple of other competitors offer wireless charging cases for Android phones, but LG continues to add the technology right into its Android phones.

We applaud that move, and love that the LG G3 has wireless charging built right-in. It takes advantage of the Qi wireless standard, which means if you already have a device with wireless charging your existing charger might already work. LG is also introducing its new foldable Wireless Charger that can be stowed away and carried with you wherever you go.

We don't knock Android phones that don't have wireless charging built-in, but we love when they do, and it's just another feather in the G3's cap.

5. Smart Notice

I first thought Smart Notice was going to be LG's own version of Google Now, but the company quelled those fears when it said that it isn't trying to reinvent what already works – and we all know Google Now is already pretty awesome and is available on all of the latest Android phones on the market.

Instead, Smart Notice can tell you to bring an umbrella if it knows it's going to rain. Or, if you missed a call, it will remind you later in the day that you might want to call someone back. The software can also tell you about apps you no longer use, reminding you to free up some space, or to delete temporary files.

Smart Notice is also capable of providing information based on where you are, the time of week, the and more, to provide even more contextual details.


We should be getting a review device soon, particularly when the device is ready to make its debut in the United States, and we can't wait to bring you more details and let you know how all of the features perform in day-to-day use. So far, though, there's definitely a lot to be really excited for, and it'll definitely compete toe-to-toe with the other Android phones on the market. To tide you over until our review, be sure to check out our full gallery of the G3 and our hands-on video, which we've included below.