Recent reports have claimed LG’s latest flagships will skip Android 5.1 and be updated straight to Android M instead, but that may not be the case for 2013’s LG G2. One report claims the device will get an Android 5.1.1 Lollipop within two months.

“We have received joyous news for all owners of LG G2 directly from Korea,” reports (machine translated). LG is said to be working on Android 5.1.1 for the G2 already, and one source says it will be rolled out “in the next two months.”

A screenshot accompanying the report shows Android 5.1.1 running on the G2, with LG’s latest UX 4.0 user interface, which was first introduced with the new G4 earlier this year. Other UI improvements are expected to include Lollipop-style virtual buttons.


The G2 is also expected to get some of the G4’s new features with this update — though it’s not clear at this point which ones will be ported over — as well as the features and improvements typically found in Android 5.1.1.

That includes things like guest user mode, the ability to switch Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections within the Quick Settings menu, and anti-theft protection.

With the G2 being more than two years old now, it’s likely this will be its last major Android upgrade, which might explain why LG isn’t skipping this release in favor of Android M for this particular device.