LG has confirmed that it will release a maintenance update for the G Watch R later this year that will enable Wi-Fi compatibility. The South Korean company says its engineers are already working on the release, but it isn’t scheduled to reach users until the third quarter.

Google enabled support for Wi-Fi in its latest Android Wear update — one of its most significant so far. It enables Wear watches to stay in touch with smartphones via Wi-Fi networks, and even receive notifications remotely via cloud sync. But only certain Wear watches have Wi-Fi built-in.

The G Watch R, which is just 7 months old, was thought to be one of the devices that would be left out — like the original G Watch and the Asus ZenWatch. Fortunately, that’s not the case, but owners will have to wait some time before they can enjoy Wi-Fi connectivity.

“LG Watch Urbane is the only wearable device Currently shipping with the latest version of Android Wear OS and is Wi-Fi capable out of the box,” LG said in a statement“LG G Watch R will require a maintenance release after the patch update to Android Wear-access Wi-Fi networks.

“LG engineers are preparing the patch now for availability in the third quarter.”

While it’s a shame about the lengthy wait, this will be welcome news for G Watch R owners who were likely thinking their watch wouldn’t get Wi-Fi connectivity at all.