LG G Vista

Not only will LG offer the G3, which we believe is among the best devices currently available (or ever!). But the carrier is also going to introduce something known as the LG G Vista, which looks identical to the G3. That's the word coming down the pipeline from Evleaks, though it's not really clear how the two devices will differ.

From what we can tell, it appears as though the G Vista will sport a screen that's slightly larger than the 5.5-inch screen on the G3—not only does it seem a tad wider, but a bit taller, too. If that's the case, that will add to the illusion that the device is even more screen than the G3 already is, as you can plainly see in the side-by-side picture above. But are these screens the same resolution? It's hard to tell from a press image.

In addition to the slightly larger display, the design varies slightly, with the front-facing camera now placed on the right side and the earpiece moved up. Meanwhile, the LG logo is smaller, while the Verizon logo is front and center just above the device's screen. Any opportunity Verizon gets for branding the carrier takes it. It's unclear if the back of the G Vista looks any different, and no specs have been shared just yet.

There's a date of Thursday, Aug. 7 on both of the screens, which could be an indication of when to expect the G Vista to be available. Or not. But it's strange to see two almost identical LG devices on the same carrier come out around the same time. Perhaps this mystery will be cleared up soon. There are reports suggesting the G Vista could simply be a LG G Pro 2 Lite, which in that case means the specs won't be quite as impressive as the G3.

Hopefully we can expect more information on this device soon.