Verizon has already confirmed that it's going to offer the LG G3, but we keep hearing about this other device called the G Vista. The phone was leaked for the second time today, and it's either a unique name that Verizon will launch the phone under – which isn't unheard of – or a different device entirely.

As you can tell from the photo the phone lacks the metallic back, which is one of the distinguishing features of the LG G3. Also, this phone has a single flash on the back instead of the dual LED flash found on the back of the G3, though the small area for the laser auto-focus seems to remain intact. The side angles are a bit more blocky, but aspects like the power button, volume controls, speaker and camera are all in the right places.

We're stumped. Maybe it's just a different version of the G3, or a watered-down model like the G Pro 2 Lite, which was rumored recently. Hopefully we'll find out soon enough, Sprint and T-Mobile have already revealed pricing and launch dates for the G3, so Verizon should be following up any day now.