LG has a new advertisement out for the G Flex. Instead of focusing on the features, the hardware or the software experience, it features a really, really awkward interaction between a man and his palm. It starts out kind of standard: two guys sitting at a restaurant celebrating a birthday. Then one of them opens his gift… which ultimately ends up being some sort of add-on to his palm, a talking beard and an earpeace. Then a crab claw comes out and scratches him.

LG's point, we guess, is that the G Flex curves to your face just like your palm would. But this is just creepy – the main character starts feeding the talking, bearded mouth on his palm. Then, in another shot, he starts kissing a woman's lips, which also appear on his palm. It might sound confusing, as if I had sour milk in my cereal this morning and some weird bacteria is attacking my brain leaving me to write nothing but gibberish. I'm not, though, this is exactly what goes on in LG's commercial.

I'll stop now. Just watch the video above. *shudders*.