The whole point of flexible displays is that they’re stronger than flat screens, thanks to their ability to bend if a force is pressed against the screen. Technically, you probably shouldn’t go around trying to bend the smartphone, but that’s exactly what one new LG G Flex owner recently recorded himself doing.

As you can see in a video provided to Engadget, the phone can be pressed flat against a surface, essentially flexing the entire device from its original shape. We highly doubt that the plastic build materials surrounding the phone are meant to withstand this kind of pressure, especially repeatedly or for long amounts of time, but it does show the durability of the flexible screen. We imagine the components inside, including the battery, probably aren’t built to withstand this too well, either. So far as we can tell, you can’t actually do this with the Samsung Galaxy Round, though it’s highly likely the screen can withstand the same forces being pressed against it.

We’re curious if LG will ever advertise this kind of durability, or if it’s just an added nicety that could help prolong the life of your G Flex. Either way, it’s pretty cool to see the industry making this move, and we wonder how long it will be until a majority of smartphones offer flexible screens.