Despite what Gorilla Glass maker Corning said about the wait for flexible displays—up to three years—LG on Wednesday said it hopes to get something out by the end of this year. During LG's earnings call, the company gave a firm "fourth quarter of 2013" estimate on when it would introduce a smartphone with flexible OLED display. The countdown is on.

Yoon Bu-hyun, LG's vice president of mobile, revealed the company is working closely with its Display division, but didn't expound too much on what the actual experience would be like. It's unlikely we'll get an all around flexible device, but probably see something like the strange prototype we saw from Samsung during CES, which had an edge that fell off on one side.

Companies have long hinted at flexible displays, but we haven't seen anything of significance aside from the occasional demonstration. Right now, it's merely a futuristic promise, but an actual available product could come out later this year. Whether it'll add any positive functionality remains to be seen, although we imagine it will certainly boost the ruggedness of the screen.