When the LG G Flex first hit the market last winter it didn’t come cheap, priced at $299 with a 2-year contract and almost $1,000 off-contract in South Korea. If you balked at the price back then we have some good news, the same curved smartphone is available today for just $99 through Amazon, though you’ll have open up a new line with either AT&T or Sprint.

You can also pick up the phone from Amazon with a standard upgrade, instead of a new line. That will cost you $119.99—still a good deal—while the device is also available for $600 upfront. This is the lowest we’ve seen LG’s flexible smartphone drop in price so far, so if you’re interested in the device here’s your chance to grab it at a discount. We do wonder, however, if perhaps the phone’s price drop is due to poor sales – after all, it only launched in the U.S. early last month.

The LG G Flex comes equipped with a massive 6-inch display and a powerful battery to match. Not only is the device curved, but it can actually bend to flatten out and comes with a self-healing coating on the back that automatically removes small scrapes and scratches. The phone is by no means perfect, the display quality isn’t fantastic and the resolution isn’t as sharp as flagship 1080p screens. Still, if you want a unique handset without dropping serious cash, this is one that’s sure to turn some heads.


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See at Amazon

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