Just like Apple, LG’s smartphones have always shipped with LCD displays — but that’s going to change later this year, according to a new report. Sources in South Korea claim the company will launch its first OLED smartphone, thought to be the V30, this September.

While there’s nothing wrong with LCD displays, OLED panels are considered superior for mobile devices like smartphones. They typically offer more vibrant colors and greater brightness, and when used effectively, they’re more power efficient. But they’re also more expensive and harder to obtain thanks to more difficult manufacturing processes.

The number of smartphones using OLED displays is increasing, and Apple is expected to finally bring OLED to the iPhone this year. LG will reportedly do the same for its next-generation V30, according to The Investor, which cites “a source briefed on the matter.” The company is then expected to use OLED displays for the G7, which will arrive next spring.

LG subsidiary LG Display is expected to start producing OLED panels in July. Not all of them will be used for the V30; it is claimed the company will also sell on some of the units to “Chinese phone makers who are hoping to catch up with front-runners such as Samsung and Apple.” LG is also hoping that it can attract Apple, among other manufacturers, later on.