No this TV commercial is not a Korean version of the Apple iPhone 5 panorama spot. It is an LG take on it, a take that nearly copies/mimics/replicates the Apple version, meant to advertise the LG Optimus G Pro. Down to the emphasis of telling a story and even cueing "Cheeeeeeeee-eeeese," where the LG-Korean version says "Kimchiiiiiiiiiii" (obviously).

Editors note: Koreans do indeed say "Kimchi" when posing for pictures.

After about halfway through the commercial (where the Apple spot would have commenced) the LG version then expands on the iPhone 5 version and begins shooting beyond a horizontal manor and shoots what "other" cameras would miss, which LG has named VR Panorama.  VR Panorama appears to be an LG-fied version of Google's Photo Sphere. The VR Panorama segment is wrapped up by saying something along the lines of the "Looks like there was more to the story that we were missing before, Optimus G Pro captures a wide and deep world."

What seems like an an afterthought, LG throws in a mention of tracking focus with a really hyper jumpy Korean kid that cant stand still.

Take a look at the "original" Apple spot.