Wireless charging is a nice perk on flagship phones like Samsung’s Galaxy S7, but it still requires you to physically place the device on a charging pad to work. Now LG may be ready to one-up its South Korean rival with a new handset that charges wirelessly over the air using magnetic resonance.

BusinessKorea reports that LG recently finished developing the device, but hasn’t decided whether it will actually release the new phone or not. One big drawback is that it’s apparently only capable of charging from a distance of 7 centimeters (about 3 inches). So you won’t be able to carry the device around while it charges, but it could still allow for some interesting new wireless charging setups beyond the typical pad.

LG isn’t the only company interested in magnetic resonance-based wireless charging. Chinese rivals like Huawei, Oppo and Meizu are all apparently looking into the technology. Apple may be in the race as well after hiring a bunch of engineers from wireless charging startup uBeam.

None of those companies are expected to bring the technology to market until next year at the soonest. That means LG could play up its advantage and launch the rumored device in the near future. But if short-distance wireless charging fails to impress it could backfire and kill off interested in the new feature entirely before it has a chance to improve.

It’s a tough call, but LG’s never been afraid to push the limits of mobile technology before. We’re expecting the company to come out with something new and exciting later this year, and this might do the trick.