LG has confirmed that it has plans to provide an official bootloader unlocking solution for those who wish to install custom ROMs and other third-party tweaks on their LG smartphones and tablets. The company warns, however, that "it will take some time."

Some smartphone manufacturers offer a small number of "Developer Edition" devices that come with their bootloaders already unlocked. Others, such as HTC, offer an official unlocking solution for those who wish to take matters into their own hands. This allows users to easily bypass certain security restrictions and install third-party customizations as they wish.

But LG is one of the many that have traditionally chosen to ignore the custom ROM and modding scene… until now. The South Korean company has revealed that it is preparing an official bootloader unlocking solution that hopes to make the process safer.

"Thank you for your feedback regarding bootloader unlock and we are sorry for any inconvenience and disappointment that have been caused by lack of support for bootloader unlock on the latest LG smartphones," LG said in an email to senior XDA Developers member Wolfgart.

"We are already aware of many developers' requests and opinions on bootloader unlock. So we have been preparing a server to provide safer bootloader unlock."

So, that's the good news — if you're into flashing custom ROMs and tweaks, at least. The bad news is that LG hasn't yet decided which devices it will provide a bootloader unlock for, and it cannot confirm at this time when the service might be available. The company admits it could take a while.

"We are internally discussing the target model and the time of providing bootloader unlock," the email read. "However, it will take some more time due to the technical restrictions, security issues, and the policy of mobile carriers."

LG "deeply apologizes" that it cannot provide an unlocking solution right now, but it promises to provide more specific information when its support policy for bootloader unlocking is decided.

This is definitely a step in the right direction, and it's news LG users who are into software customization will be delighted to hear. The move should make LG handsets more popular among the modding community, and hopefully, it will inspire other device manufacturers to offer bootloader unlock services in the future.