In the future all displays will be flexible, at least that’s what LG is counting on. The South Korean company recently announced plans on Wednesday for a massive new factory devoted to the new OLED technology. The project is expected to cost 1.05 trillion won (about $907.2 million), and won’t be finished until 2017.

LG notes that it’s focusing on smaller flexible displays that could be used for future mobile devices, wearables and even car dashboards. The company has also teased some far-out concepts in the past. We’re still waiting for OLED screens that rollup and truly flexible displays that can bend in any direction without breaking.

According to Yonhap News, LG’s flexible OLED is already a solid source of revenue. However, the company sees this as the “next-generation display” and wants to get ahead of the trend if possible. Hopefully that means we’ll see its own G Flex series get even more flexible in the future, along with plenty of other devices.