The LG Nexus 5 might be the most beloved Nexus smartphone ever, which may be just one reason why Google tapped the company to help build the 2015 Nexus smartphones. But it turns out LG is also a great partner for Google, and not just because fans want LG smartphones.

“LG Electronics is the best partner for us in engineering the Nexus smartphones,” Google’s vice president of Android Engineering Dave Burke said, according to Korea Times. “We share the same approach to the mobile device market with LG electronics. Our engineers really like to work with the people at LG. Together they have become an excellent team.”

LG built the Nexus 5X, which will begin shipping to consumers in the coming weeks and is the more affordable of two new Nexus smartphones introduced this year. The other is the Nexus 6P, built by Huawei. The Nexus 5X is the smaller of the two, and is the true successor to the aforementioned Nexus 5. It sports some of the latest hardware, including a fingerprint reader and a first-class camera.

We enjoyed the Nexus 5X during our brief hands-on with the new smartphone, and we’ll be back in the next few weeks with our full review.