LG Display has begun mass production of a new, thinner smartphone display widely believed to be heading to the iPhone 5. Apple is expected to unveil the device on September 12, and according to LG Display's chief executive, the display is "in line with product release plans."

"We just began mass production and we don't expect any disruption in supplies," Han Sang-beom told reporters on Wednesday.

While neither LG Display or Apple have confirmed these displays are destined for the iPhone 5, the news couldn't have come at a more interesting time. The sixth-generation iPhone is now just several weeks away, and according to rumors and reports from throughout the year, the device will feature a new 4-inch display that is thinner than any previous iPhone display.

The device is also expected to utilize in-cell touch technology, which integrates touch sensors into the display itself. This negates the need for a separate digitizer, and allows the display to become significantly thinner.

In turn, this allows the iPhone itself to become thinner. A report published earlier this month claimed the device would measure just 7.6mm thin, which would make it 18% thinner than the iPhone 4S.

Are you excited for the iPhone 5 yet?

[via Reuters]