Notches have proven to be quite polarizing. Apple jump-started the craze with the iPhone X and it has taken off like gangbusters with a myriad of Android clones. LG wanted to hear from people how they felt about display notches, taking to Reddit to get feedback.

On the r/Android page, LG asked, “What are your thoughts on ‘The Notch’?” It went as you’d expect.

Most of the responders hate the notch and thus let LG know. A large majority pointed to what Samsung is doing with its devices as the path LG should follow—that is, they’re okay with bezel if it’s used correctly and minimized. A lot of users also brought up the fact that the notch ruins the symmetry of the phone’s display.

One argument pointed to the fact that the Galaxy S9 (minus the notch) has a 84-percent screen-to-body ratio while the iPhone X has an 82-percent. Why the need for a notch if you could still have more display with minor bezels?

To add to that point, one responder pointed out that at least Apple packs the notch with sensors to account for True Depth technology responsible for Face ID and Animoji. Android manufacturers just include the notch to rip off Apple’s flagship.

The most interesting thing out the whole thing is that LG’s next phone (the G7) has already been seen in the wild and it has a notch. If it’s working on phone with a notch, and it’s common knowledge Android users hate the notch, why go through the farce of acting like it’s taking user feedback?

LG’s righteous crusade is very questionable, especially is if it’s already planning to include a feature users clearly despise.