LG is bringing the same Advanced In-Cell Touch (AIT) technology used in its G4 smartphone to ultra-thin, Full HD touch panels for notebook computers. The displays are around 25% thinner and 35% lighter than LG's existing 15.6-inch panels, and they should result in slimmer laptops.

Unlike traditional touch screens, which have an LCD or OLED panel and a separate touch panel that registers input, LG's AIT displays have touch sensors embedded within the LCD panel itself, so a dedicated digitizer is not necessary.

This reduces the thickness of the display by 1mm and reduces the weight of a 15.6-inch panel by around 200 grams. LG says that its AIT displays are also brighter and clearer because there is no light loss or reflection caused by the cover glass.

LG will be manufacturing its AIT displays in 15.6- and 14-inch options with 1080p resolutions. The South Korean company says it is already in talks with several PC makers to bring them to future laptops, which should be thinner than existing models, later this year.

LG is also working to bring AIT displays to two-in-one tablets that convert into notebooks — such as Microsoft's Surface. However, the company doesn't yet have plans to produce 2K or 4K AIT displays.