LG Optimus Vu II

LG Electronics will add a new feature to the Optimus Vu: II that makes creating "extra wide 3:1 ratio memos and drawings" super easy. Or at least as easy as can be on a device like the Vu, which hasn't exactly knocked Samsung's Galaxy Note (or Note II) off its perch.

Known as Panorama Note, the feature basically gives users a bigger digital canvas so you can draw up extra large stuff. I don't know of any painters are artists who will willingly ditch a humungous canvas for a virtual experience, but LG is making it possible. Get this: Panorama Note features a freaking "Mini Map," which helps users navigate their own massive creation. Seems frustrating and cumbersome. But, then again, I haven't seen or touched the feature personally.

LG says the feature is meant to differentiate it from other companies. That's certainly the case, but is LG missing the mark on what's useable on a portable device like the Vu II? We'll have to wait and see.

The company said it'll have "an experimental zone" here at CES, where we can hopefully (if it's even present) test the feature for ourselves. Otherwise, expect Panorama Note to hit on "specific target devices" later this year.