LG has announced a new 27-inch TM2792 Personal Smart TV ahead of its unveiling at IFA 2012 in Berlin later this month. In addition to Smart TV functionality, the set boasts "CINEMA 3D" and "CINEMA SCREEN" functionality, and incredible picture quality thanks to its 1080p in-plane switching display.

What's more, because the set utilizes passive 3D technology — as opposed to active 3D technology — so you can use the same 3D glasses you're given in a cinema to enjoy your favorite films. That means you don't need to purchase expensive 3D glasses and spend the rest of your life shielding them from sticky children.

The TM2792 will also feature a number of LG technologies, including SmartShare, which will allow users to wirelessly browse files on their laptop, smartphone, or external drives via screen sharing technology powered by Mobile High-Definition Link (MHL), and Intel's Wireless Display (WiDi).

The TM2792 will begin shipping in European markets starting in September, according to Pocket-lint. Prices are yet to be announced, but we're expecting to hear those when the set gets its proper unveiling at IFA next week.

[via Pocket-lint]