The LG UD 3D TV has already launched in South Korea, and now its looking to make its way to the rest of the world. Our own Todd Haselton is at IFA 2012 in Berlin and had the opportunity to take a quick look at the set for himself in the video you see above. With 8 million pixels per fram and four times the resolution (3820 x 2160) this new television may burn your retinas out if you stare at it for too long. And the set won't just make your TV and movies look better, but also media you bring in from external sources as well such as hard drives.

As with most TV sets these days, this is also a smart TV with access to around 1,400 apps, so who needs to actually watch television programming when you can play around with all of those?

No word as of yet on what other territories are getting the set for sure, but be ont he lookout for it if your 55-inch TV is suddenly feeling inferior.