LG announced the 360 VR during Mobile World Congress late last month, where we had a chance to check it out. We walked away unimpressed. The units we checked out felt cheap, had too much light leakage and didn’t perform as well as Gear VR. We were going to let those issues slide if the LG 360 VR was priced well, but it might actually cost more than the Gear VR.


AndroidCentral recently noticed the LG 360 VR on retailer B&H’s website listed for $199. Straight up, that’s a ripoff. I hope that’s not the actual retail price that LG is planning to charge because you’re honestly better off getting something like Google Cardboard, which is way cheaper. B&H might just have space-filler pricing and it’s possible the actual price could be way, way lower than $199. I’m thinking something like $50 would be a fair asking price, but we’ll see if LG actually goes that low. We reached out to LG for confirmation on the price but have not yet heard back.

Hit the source to look for yourself, but I highly recommend you don’t preorder the 360 VR for $200.