Many workflows today rely on a two monitor setup, allowing folks to separate applications for maximum productivity. But looking back and forth between two monitors can be exhausting, and that’s assuming you even have space for two large monitors in the first place, which not everyone does. LG has a pretty sweet alternative that we’d have in our office right now if we could. We’ve actually been using one of LG’s UltraWide monitors for the past month, and actually like it quite a bit; it certainly takes some getting used to because of its aspect ratio, but it’s a joy to use. Looking at the “world’s first” 34-inch UltraWide QHD Monitor from LG, our eyeballs can die happy.

Looking at such a wide monitor is definitely an acquired taste—this particular monitor as a resolution of 3440×1440—but it provides plenty of space to keep your workflows, well, flowing. Instead of sliding from space to space or dealing with that separation between monitors, LG’s UltraWide is plenty big enough to let you put applications on one giant screen, providing you with a big enough canvas for productivity heaven. LG had editing software pulled up as an example, and you can clearly see how it compares to traditional widescreen monitors.

The monitor itself is beautiful, and the screen looked awesome in person; we were very, very impressed. It had Thunderbolt 2 for Mac Connectivity, which will surely please those that just picked up Apple’s new Mac Pro. We’re not sure about pricing or availability just yet, but we imagine LG will reveal more information once the show is over. We sure hope so, because it’s already at the top of our wish list.