Mystery still surrounds LG’s 2018 flagship, but we’re getting a better idea of what the company has in development. It turns out a high-end phone was introduced this at MWC 2018. No, we’re not talking about the V30S that’s nothing more than a recycled phone with artificial intelligence. LG actually showed off the successor to last year’s G6 behind closed doors.

Just yesterday, YTNet posted pictures and videos of the G7 (Neo). Everyone believed it was the canceled model or at least a prototype of Judy. Mobile industry insider Evan Blass did some digging, and he’s confirmed that the unit caught on camera is indeed LG’s next flagship.

The original leak showed the codename Neo, which apparently LG was using before switching over to Judy. Maybe that indicates the company didn’t totally scrap its initial plan but instead made noticeable cosmetic changes.

It’s unlikely LG swapped many internal components because those generally stay the same across the industry.

As mentioned previously, the company plans to use high-end specifications. The phone’s spec sheet that leaked named a 6-inch (3120×1440) OLED display with a notch at the top, Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 845, up to 6GB of RAM, up to 128GB of storage, and a dual-camera setup on the back. LG will also detail a new feature allowing the phone to utilize a flat, hard surface to create a boombox-like audio experience.

Blass, who’s writing with VentureBeat to share his information, says a number of LG employees are displeased by the similarities with Apple’s iPhone X.

Even more interesting, at least to me, is that LG showed three more devices during its private meeting. The Q7 and V35 appeared, both of which are successors to 2017 releases. LG also showed off an Android Wear-powered smartwatch. Earlier this year LG filed trademarks for “Icon” and “Iconic,” one of them expected to be the 2018 flagship and the other a smartwatch.

So, the plot thickens for LG and whatever it has planned now. As usual, we’ll be keeping an eye on this one because there’s bound to be more changes made by the time anything goes official.