Lexus has been building a hoverboard dubbed the “Slide” rather publicly, and most recently shared details on the hoverboard back in June. Now the company is prepared to fully introduce the cruiser, and we can’t wait.

Lexus recently posted a teaser on YouTube noting that it will officially unveil the Slide hoverboard on August 5. We already have a pretty general understanding of how it works — and it’s not going to let you cruise down your neighborhood streets like Marty McFly.

Instead, the hoverboard uses magnets and hydrogen and can only properly work on a special surface.

A commenter on YouTube named EVOLICIOUS, who left the following comment on the Lexus video, seems to have a better understanding: “Sad to see not many people can see what this is. Its Nitrogen-cooled superconductors (quantum levitation). Can only be used on a neodymium surface. Far from practical, old idea. Prepare to be disappointed.”

Kind of a bummer but at least it seems like progress, right?